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CJE’s Most Wanted!

It may be hard to believe but here at CJE/4D we are out of stock of some items!

If you have any of the following items spare and cluttering up your house or school then you could bring them along to the next RISC OS Show, or if you're not going to the show please contact us by email or phone.

Items we are interested in include:
Risc PCs, A7000, A7000+
A4000, A5000, A3000, A3020, A3010 etc.
BBC Master
BBC Master Compact
Network Podules, Mini Podules or NICs (10 base 2 or T, or 100 base T NET100s)
Network hubs with 10base 2 (BNC) and 10 baseT (RJ45)
RiscPC or A4 Econet interfaces
IDE Podules or Mini Podules
2.5" IDE Drives
BBC Coprocessors (6502, Z80, 32016 etc.)
BBC Master 512 coprocessor
BBC Master Turbo coprocessor(65C102)
BBC Master SCSI interface
StrongARM processor cards
Kinetic Processor cards
Viewfinder 8, 32 or 128MB
Avie Archimedes keyboard adaptors/encoders
Irlam 8 channel A-D Podule
Irlam 24i16 or i16
A7000 Backplane
Acorn A4 (even if faulty)
USB Podules (Castle or Simtec)
Programers Reference Manual Vol. 5a
BASIC V Manual
BBC Master 128 Welcome Guide
BBC Master 128 Reference Manual (Parts 1 & 2)
Sibelius 6 or 7
Mice for BBC
Arthur ROMS
ROM boards for BBC
BBC Games & ROMS
AKF 12
AKF 17
AKF 18
AKF 30
ADF 32
AKF 40
AKF 50
AKF 52
AKF 53
Philips 15KHz monitors eg. 8833
Monitors have to be in working order to be of use.
BBC B/Master monitor stands also needed.

Some of the more valuable items such as Net100s & UniPods we even offer cash for! For those items and if bringing them to a show please contact us by the Thursday prior to the show to agree a price.

Also Wanted - Packaging for recycling

If anyone has any of the following packaging and can bring them along to us at a Show then we can make good use of them, and help the environment!

Types of boxes that are of use:
RiscPC - one or two slice
14", 15", 17" & 21" monitors - any make/model
Laser Printers
Nikon Coolscan III (LS30) Scanner
Toner cartridges, medium size (useful for sending RPC PSUs in)

Boxes are only of use if they have most of their internal packaging.
21" Monitor boxes with or without internal packaging are welcome.

Thanking you in advance

NB. At the risk of telling my grandmother how to suck eggs: if you can’t fit large boxes in a small car then you could ‘flat pack’ them, i.e. remove internal packaging, turn the box upside down and open the bottom like you did the top, if you turn the box on its side it will now flatten, you also then fold along one of the vertical edges to reduce the size in half. Please bring the internal packaging with the box.

If you have a sales enquiry please email our sales department
Unit 16, Arunside Ind. Est., Wick, Littlehampton, BN17 7QU, UK. 01903 523222 (full contact details)
If you have any comments or problems please email info@cjemicros.co.uk
CJE Micro’s is not responsible for the contents of external internet sites.
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