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CJE & 4D’s 6390+ Item Price list

Updated: Friday, 12 July 2024

     This section contains nearly all of the products that CJE and 4D sell. There are two ways offered to view the price list - a TSV file which can be downloaded and viewed at your leisure or the online price list which is subdivided for ease of searching.

TSV File

     You can download the TSV file and drop it into your favourite DTP or WP package, select all the text and set the appropriate tabs to view. Alternatively you can download the free DataPower reader and the skeleton database and drop the TSV file onto that thus allowing you to search for the product you want.

Product Categories

     The price list is divided into main groups which are on individual pages and then subdivided into categories which are individual tables on their group’s page.
Products marked as added or updated within the last 30 days can be seen here.