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LanMan98 v2.06 (on floppy disc)

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Product Title: LanMan98 v2.06 (on floppy disc)
Manufacturer/Publisher: Warm Silence Software
Stock Code: WSS-LAN98
QuickCode: 12693
Format: Acorn 3.5
Product Group: Network Software
Condition: New
Availability: Usually available from stock

If you have both Acorn and non-Acorn machines on the same network, then LanMan98 is for you. LanMan98 allows RISC OS machines to access discs and printers served by SMB (Samba) and CIFS servers, such as Windows 95/NT and Unix machines.

For help setting up the Windows side of things we recommend this very helpful website: https://www.bapfish.org.uk/networking.htm
n.b. Windows automatic updates often change settings that stop communication via LanMan

What's LanMan98?

LanMan98 is a CIFS client for RISC OS. In short, it enables RISC OS machines to access shared storage across a network, and also (with suitable printer drivers) to print to network printers.

This means that your RISC OS machine can transparently access drives shared on PCs, Macs, Linux and other operating systems, including dedicated Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices.

This makes LanMan98 ideal for any network with a mixture of machine types - I myself back my RISC OS machines up onto my PC, and share a single laser printer around all the machines in the house.

What's new in Version 2?

Version 2 brings various improvements; most notably support for encrypted passwords, improved handling of hidden files, and better operation with Vista/later versions of Windows and NAS servers. Other small tweaks to usability have been made too.

These fixes bring LanMan98 up to date with the security settings frequently found in industry networks, and allow increasingly prevalent/cheap NAS boxes to be accessed.

* Avoid zero page access in Mimemap code.

* Heuristics to detect Freecom NAS and workaround bug.
* Additional protection against exceptions in SMB code.

* Fix for unaligned access that stopped LanMan98 working with BeagleBoard. (Thanks to Alex Waugh for this, and most other v2.00+ work)

* Allow IP address to be given after server name in {} in printer server field.

* More timeout problems solved.
* Add a LanMan98$RawRead system variable to control whether raw reads are used or not (solves problems with badly behaved NAS).

* Fix timeouts when connecting to Windows Vista.
* Work around several unsupported or buggy features in various NAS servers.
* Implemented support for LM and NTLM encrypted passwords.
* Improved handling of hidden files (They are still hidden from directory enumerations, but they can now be accessed directly by name).
* Changed default filetype to text.
* The frontend now remembers which mount link was loaded, and saves any changes back to it rather than creating a new link.
* Fixed a couple of bugs in the free space display.
* Improved some error messages.

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